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About Us

LATVIA TIMBER INTERNATIONAL Ltd was founded in 1992 and has more than 20 years of operating experience. It is a timber manufacturing company located 70 km from Riga in Limbazi, but supplies and customers gained recognition far beyond country borders. The company’s main asset is a professional, enthusiastic team which is doing excellent work and creates around itself a friendly atmosphere. Customers and partners value cooperation with us due diligent and professional work in a diverse range of services and an always positive work attitude.

The main business of LATVIA TIMBER INTERNATIONAL is to supply and trade softwood (pine and spruce) planed and profiled goods to European markets. We purchase rawmaterial products from our constant suppliers in Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belorussia and Russia. We reproduce sawn timber in the high quality profiled products for customers in European markets and deliver to following industry sectors:

  • DIY nets
  • house construction companies
  • furniture factories
  • finished components producers
  • packaging industry
  • windows factories
  • pellet  users
  • pallet producers
  • and many others


Through frequent and on-time deliveries LATVIA TIMBER INTERNATIONAL is the most reliable sales channel for our customers. Our business is based on building a bridge between the East European and West European markets. Loyalty and long-term commitment are cornerstones of our company philosophy – our business is based on long-standing supplier and customer relationships.

LATVIA TIMBER in figures:

Sawn timber treatment (planing, splitting, profiling) – 40 000 cbm/year

Stock of raw materials and ready goods – 6000-8000 cbm

Factory equipment:

  • Stenner vertical bandsaw
  • Weinig 9-head planer
  • Weinig profil planer
  • Two Leadermac machines: profil planer and moulder
  • Manual strength grading
  • Ceetec painting line
  • Brushing system


Please find all the additional information about  our certificates in certificates section.

Our partners